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Forklift HireForklift hire: Are you renting a forklift or something prehistoric?

The delivery truck arrives and it rolls off like something from the Jurassic period, in many ways probably is. You’ve called your local material handling provider for the best available forklift hire for your rental buck and this museum piece is what’s been supplied. All you wanted was decent replacement rental during a breakdown or needed an extra machine because you’re flat out busy. The price sounded great… “It’ll meet your needs” they said. Was it a deal too good to be true? Definitely. You’re disappointed. It’s too small, or too big. The setup isn’t right. It’s completely not suitable for the warehouse duty or not going to cut it for the rough terrain you need it for.

Well, there it is, in all its ancient glory. Now your staff wonders, who is going to have the pleasure of riding in this thing.

Forklift Hire: Get the right option for your needs

Get the right tool for the job. At Melbourne forklifts we offer a wide range of forklift hire options. Hire for a day or for long term, we can tailor a rental option that will suit your company needs. Our Forklift hire fleet is comprised of one to sixteen ton capacity forklifts, LPG or diesel, electric, flameproof, Walkie Stackers and pallet Jacks.

Need something extra? Get yourself the right forklift attachment to ensure to have the correct tool for the job. Yes, we have Fork extensions, lifting jibs, container ramps, safety cages, rotaters, bale clamps, fork positioners and more.

Think safety! All forklift hire and equipment is fully OH&S certified and is supplied with risk assessment and log books.

Need a hand? Melbourne forklifts offer driver and forklift hire. This is a service where we come on-site and do the job for you. So put your feet up, we have professional operators and specialised equipment that can carry out difficult tasks with ease.

Melbourne Forklifts prides itself on quality forklift rentals and solutions. From large to small companies, If you’re looking for the right forklift hire, contact Melbourne Forklifts NOW!


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