Toyota Forklifts – How to decide?

toyota forkliftsToyota Forklifts – Looking to purchase a forklift?

For a long time, Toyota forklifts have been the bee’s knees. A good track record and reputation don’t come easily and a Toyota branded forklift speaks for itself. So if you’re looking at purchasing a forklift, you’re looking in the right place. Toyota forklifts are a quality product and highly dependable. What else do you need?

Successfully dominating the charts for decades, Toyota forklifts have positioned themselves as being the dominant force in materials handling industry. It comes down to a commitment to build quality for functionality, longevity and user comfort. You usually get what you pay for. It is easy to see how Toyota forklifts serves as an inspiration with their forklift designs.

Don’t be fooled – Lemons are for making lemonade

No one wants to buy a lemon. As a guide, there are a few things to take into consideration when purchasing a forklift, especially a used forklift.

Lifting Gear – Manoeuvre the carriage all the up, tilt forward and back while fully extended and then back down again. It should move at a smooth constant speed without stalling or jamming
Paint – The paint job usually reflects the general condition of the forklift. Look for original decals and safety stickers.
Tyres – Tyres should be evenly worn and free from major damage.
Tynes – Check for excessive wear or damage. Tynes should not flop about when clipped in.
Engine – Kick it over and see how she purrs. It should start up easily. Exhaust fumes should be non-existent and without any strong odours.
Hydraulics – Check leaky hoses. Leavers should be operating smoothly.

Melbourne Forklifts – Buy or rent, used or new forklifts

At Melbourne Forklifts we offer Toyota forklifts and a wide range of forklift brands for sale and rent, new and used. If you’re unsure which forklift suits your needs, feel free to give us a call, send an email or even come down and see us.

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